Via Mobilbil Bus and Minibus solution all trip is under protection, all fleet can be monitored and controlled from a single point. As long as vehicle is working, cameras record all happens within the vehicle and on the road. Panic buttons are available for driver and passengers for urgent situations which send signals directly to the security center. Piracy, extortion, burglary, injury, murder and varies criminal activities will be prevented. Driving security will be established.

Updated routes will be sent online to buses from the control center. Drivers can not deviate from the defined routes. Passengers will be informed about the trip and upcoming stations both visual and voice announcements.

Vehicle will be equipped with AHD & IP industrial cameras that already certified under tense road conditions. Via biometric face recognition camera all passengers’ faces will be recorded and sent to the center with GPS, time, date and route information. Accordingly wanted people or terrorist will be easily recognized and captured by authorities. Front view camera will instantly recognize vehicles which try to use reserved bus lane, plates of those cars will be spotted and shared with authorities for fining. LDWS FCWS camera warns the driver in the case of approaching to the front car too much. System will prevent the driver to make harsh brake. Passenger counting camera records how many people get in and out of the bus with 98% accuracy. Driver camera will prevent driver distraction such as fall asleep, smoke, chat or telephone use. In vehicle black box will back up all recordings for urgent situations.