İzmir en taksi projesi

“EN TAKSİ” – It is a product of Mobilbil Industry Technologies.

It is an end-to-end solution that provides the institutionalization of the world’s first and only Taxi class vehicles that can be used by Passengers, Drivers, Vehicle Owners, Drivers’ room, Local Administrations and Police Forces, integrated with the Smart Urbanism vision brought by the New Generation Digital Taximeter.

En Taksi has been solved with 3 basic hardware and software connected to the hardware.

İzmir Buyuksehir Belediye Baskani Tunc Soyer

With the Mobilbil taxi solution, the entire journey is safe. All taxis are viewed and managed from a single center. With the cameras, the interior and front road are recorded as long as the vehicle is running. There are panic buttons that send direct information to the center for possible emergencies. Piracy, extortion, theft, injury, murder, etc. criminal offenses are prevented. Driving safety is ensured.

Thanks to the mobile application we provide, the availability of taxis increases, unnecessary gasoline consumption is prevented and the impact on the environment is reduced. Customers reach the nearest taxi to their location. With the advertising opportunity behind the seat, extra income opportunity is provided. Customer satisfaction increases.

İzmir en taksi projesi Tunc Soyer