With the Mobilbil student service solution, all students are safe, and the entire fleet can be viewed and managed from a single center. The interior and front road are recorded with cameras. Piracy, extortion, theft, injury, murder, etc. criminal offenses and forgetting students in the vehicle are prevented.

Thanks to the mobile application, the driver cannot leave the specified route. With the face recognition camera and card reading system, students are informed of their instant location. Parents do not wait for their children for a long time at the stops. With the passenger counting camera, the vehicle is prevented from taking more students than its capacity. Thanks to the control button located at the back of the vehicle, the driver physically confirms that all students have descended. If the student who fell asleep in the vehicle, nobody does not forget him. The driver is prevented from smoking, talking, napping or using a mobile phone.

The safety of students is our responsibility. We are aware of the difficulties in student transport logistics, communication and costs. That’s why we provide comprehensive inspection solutions, fault detection, student visibility, and GPS solutions to increase student safety and security, provide route optimizations, customize alert mechanisms, ensure inspection compliance, and help make data-driven decisions.