Road and driver risk detection with Artificial Intelligence vehicle cameras

Our AI-powered fleet vehicle cameras and mobile DVRs constantly analyze road conditions and driver performance to detect potential hazards and distractions. While in-cab notifications warn the driver of dangers ahead or in their behavior, an office-based fleet manager can monitor both real-time and historically from the Mobilbil Central monitoring platform evidence center.

AI-powered video telematics

We have a range of intelligent video telematics solutions using advanced AI algorithms that are proven to improve driver performance and ultimately save lives. Whatever your fleet size, type and operation, we have an AI-powered dashcam and security system for you.

Our system includes ADAS and DSM technology. ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) – Advanced driver support system: While the vehicle is in traffic, lane tracking, pre-collision prediction to the vehicle in front, predicting collisions with pedestrians, DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) – Driver Status Monitor: The driver may cause an accident while driving the vehicle; It can detect the warnings of smoking, phone use, focusing on the road, slumbering and not using the seat belt, notify the driver in advance of all the factors that prioritize the accidents, and also inform the fleet manager simultaneously in the Surveillance Center Software Platform Evidence Center, and store the images. In this case, Fleet Managers can make live determinations of their drivers who are at risk of accident, and also measure the overall performance of the drivers.

Currently, more than 1000 vehicles in Turkey have traveled 62 million km in this system and thanks to our artificial intelligence supported solution, we have succeeded in reducing the driver-related accident to zero. Within the framework of our cooperation with Vodafone, Linde Gaz company preferred Mobilbil for this solution.