Infotainment Solutions

Seatback Entertainment and Information Systems

Travels become enjoyable with Mobilbil back seat entertainment and information systems. Rich content is available to passengers (popular movies, TV shows, news, documentaries). Thanks to increased customer satisfaction, more passengers will prefer you, which means increased revenue.

Contents are transferred easily and quickly via Wi-Fi or GSM operator. It is a time and resource saving advantage for managers. It is possible to earn additional income by playing ads. These industrial products are certified under harsh road conditions. It is also easily used in buses, shuttles, taxis, ferries, trains and stadiums.

Mobilbil koltuk arkası bilgi ve eglence cozumleri

Streaming Server

With the Mobilbil telematics system, passengers can easily connect to the Streaming Server with their tablets, laptops and smart phones. Passengers connect to the entertainment system via Wi-Fi without installing an extra app on their personal device. Many multi-media such as movies, commercials, pictures and rich music portfolio are streamed fluently. Information is given about the route and local historical points.

Passengers can easily charge their smartphones and tablets with the Funtoro USB charging point located on each seat. They do not run out of charge during the journey. Each USB charging port has 2 ports. 2.1A /5V. Regular and constant current electricity is provided. Your devices are not exposed to unbalanced current. According to the location information, information and promotional videos about the historical places in the surrounding are played automatically. All media content is automatically transferred quickly over Wi-Fi.

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Built-in USB Charger

Each seat has its own USB charger so you can charge your devices all the way to your destination.

One USB charger client supports two USB ports for each up to 2A amps with 5V power supply

Embedded intelligent short circuit protection technology

Splash water leakage protection mechanism

Voltage/current load balancing technology for battery life durability

Mobilbil araç içi usb teknolojisi

Internet Wi-Fi Access

In accordance with the legal regulations (law 5651), it keeps track of which pages your passengers visited on which date and time, and provides detailed reporting. Optional website blocking. Speed ​​limit can be defined according to client type. It has a flexible structure that can be shaped according to demand.

Wherever travelers are, we connect them to their work and social networks.

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Stadium Solutions for Football Teams

The ultimate fan experience beyond your imagination.

Smart, Interactive and Informative

Specially designed for fans to interact more with their team.

Mobilbil Endüstri Vodafone Arena Stadyum Projesi

It contains games, movies, music, etc. It offers passengers a fun time and reduces the use of the passenger’s internet quota.

Unlike other solutions, since the MAC ID of the passenger’s device can be tracked, 100% secure access is provided with the unique MAC ID match instead of the passenger’s username + password matching.

Additional income can be obtained by publishing surveys and advertisements. With the external wireless antenna, high connection speed is given to the passengers in the vehicle.

New technologies are emerging at European sports stadiums with the promise of delivering a more intense fan experience reminiscent of the multi-screen viewing experience sports fans can find at home. We refer to it as “the living room devices with a multifunctional fan facility”, the “couch rival” that offers the ability to check scores and stats, track replays, interact with athletes and order food and drinks and collect them without buying them…

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